J SALON STUDIOS & SPA is a collection of beauty and wellness professionals operating their own individual business in a confines of a luxury-appointed location. Each professional operates an individual, independent business suite, a business that they own and manage, providing the best environment and experience to their clients. J SALON STUDIOS & SPA is not an employer, but an empowerer. It provides the opportunity for motivated, experienced professionals to become entrepreneurs, owning and operating their private, self-contained, fully equipped salon.

This revolutionizing concept allows professionals to start their own businesses without the prohibitive costs associated with the startup of a traditional salon. J Salon Studios & Spa's suites are secure, private business suites that have been fully equipped to optimize functionality and operation. Professional are free to set their hours, sell their own retail products and have total control over their pricing, appointments and salon ambiance. For the same cost or less than renting cramped, impersonal station space or paying large commissions at your present salon, independent professionals can own and operate their own business and realize their full income and personal potential.

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What Our Stylysts Are Saying:

Name A:

"I spent fourteen years working hard to build my clientele, only to see the profit go to the salons I used to work for. Now, with my own studio, I set my own prices and I keep all the profit. J SALON STUDIOS & SPA was the best move I've ever made in my career!"

Name B:

"As a stylist, I work when my customers are available, which means lots of nights and weekends. My space at J SALON STUDIOS & SPA allows me to work my own schedule and not have to worry about the door being locked or having someone using my station."

Name C:

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