Is J SALON STUDIOS & SPA my employer?

No. J SALON STUDIOS & SPA is a collection of independent professionals operating their own private salons, all under one roof, similar to a shopping mall. J SALON STUDIOS & SPA is your landlord, leasing a fully equipped, separate lockable studio to each salon professional. You are in complete control of your own business and can operate it to the best advantage of yourself and your clients.

What are my start up costs?

For often less than the cost of one week’s commissions you can move into a fully furnished salon with everything you need to start your business. You will be required to be fully licensed and permitted and to carry the proper insurances but aside from initial rent and security deposit your only expenses will be in personal equipment and supplies.

Can I share studio space with another professional?

Most of the studios are single operator but several are doubles, equipped so that two professionals can partner in a business.

How do I begin the leasing process or get specific information?

Go to our Contact Page and let us know you're interested by emailing us when/how to contact you. We can answer all your questions and help put you on the road to owning your own business. You can also download the PDF application from our Leasing Page and email it to Jodale Edwards at ALL INQUIRIES ARE CONFIDENTIAL